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senangPay in partnership with DE Rantau: Sponsored Payment Gateway

The DE Rantau programme aims to establish Malaysia as the preferred digital nomad hub in ASEAN while boosting digital adoption while promoting digital professional mobility and tourism across the country. senangPay is now a part of the program to catalyse local SME empowerment. Check out the available package for you along with the terms and conditions. Apply now.

Secure your business financing with Seedflex Pay-As-You-Sell Advance.

senangPay is collaborating with Seedflex to offer you an easy financing solution—an interest-free advance financing granted within 48 hours, where repayment is done automatically from future sales. Pay-As-You-Sell Advance™ is a frictionless line of credit that is always available to you based on your current sales flow with senangPay. You can get up to 10 weeks of sales as an advance and repay it back as a share of your sales automatically through senangPay. Learn more.

EasyStore's exclusive business event: Becoming Malaysia's favourite beauty brand!

Join EasyStore this Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at SIDEC Shah Alam for their Let Business Help Business (LBHB) series, featuring successful skincare and beauty brands The Pastels Shop and Kamelia Cosmetics! Discover in-depth insights from the founders of these brands and network with like-minded entrepreneurs by securing your RSVP today. Get your tickets here and use promo code "SenangPay" for RM10 off on early bird tickets!

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